My Track Record So Far.

Jasper de Muynck
  • Over two dozen success stories
  • Certified high-performance coach
  • Accredited dietician and personal trainer
  • Over 7 years of personal experience in the gym
  • Over 4 years of personal training experience
  • Over 2 years of performance coaching experience
  • Worked in an elite facility with trainers with masters degrees
  • Personal mentee of the leading Dutch high-performance coach
  • Strength & conditioning assistant experience for the Dutch rugby team

From Addicted To Performance Coach.

So, hey, I’m Jasper.

In the past years, I’ve completely transformed my own life and that of dozens of others. 

Although I heavily dislike the entire ‘woo is me, life used to be so bad’ frame, I do think my story shows the power of the methods I’ve been fortunate enough to learn over the past years.

So, I’ll quickly run you through my journey.

I’ll spare you the details, but childhood was rough. I was pretty much alone for weeks at age seven, moved around seven times by the time I was eight, and saw my mom getting beaten up repeatedly. It left me scarred.

Life got more stable from age eight onward, as I moved in with my grandparents, but by the time I was 17, I was underweight, socially anxious, gamed 70 hours per week, had 0 discipline, smoked weed on most days, and was so weak I couldn’t bench press the bar.

Here I was already up 8 kg 
(18 lbs) of bodyweight.

I wanted to stop being picked on by some of the few “friends” that I had, and like any young guy, I wanted to get a girlfriend. So I started going to the gym. I saw some results and luckily got hooked. It was the first time I understood that I could apply effort in real life, and see direct results from it.

I applied myself for years and got obsessed with personal training, bodybuilding, and powerlifting, eventually taking it too far.

In the picture, I’m about 113 kg (250 lbs). Even though I was now strong, muscular (underneath a sizable chunk of fat), and knew a ton about training, I didn’t have any of the benefits.

I felt tired having to drag this body around and ate 5000 kcal every day to maintain my weight (optimizing for strength), which caused massive brain fog and digestive issues. Outside of this, I still had little discipline outside of the gym, was still smoking a lot of weed, and had no clear vision. I felt lost.

Luckily, at that time, I found my first mentor.

This is Roberto Elan, he is the leading high-performance coach in the Netherlands, working with some of the country's greatest high performers, such as CEOs, Olympic champions, and national celebrities. 

I first found out about him through a keynote speech my dad sent me, in which he told his story, which was very similar to mine.

My dad sent it thinking that it was something I could do alongside personal training (which now ends up true), but what it did for me was much greater than just a new career path.

I bought his book and it was like a whole new world opened up. I got so many insights into optimizing my mind and using this to build a better life. 

I knew there was more to this so I started reading all the well-known (and many not-so-well-known) books on performance, productivity, and the biographies of many of the most successful people to have lived.

I started applying the lessons and was getting great results in my life. I was now working towards my goals for the majority of the day, slowly getting in shape, and I wanted to help others do the same. Yet, I understood I had only scratched the surface of what I had to know and who I could become in the process.

To learn more, I had to go to the source.

Roberto’s company occasionally gives out qualifications and teaches a select group of people to become certified high-performance coaches. I applied, we immediately clicked, and he was lenient enough to help me become part of the program.

Eventually, I passed the exams with the highest score ever, became certified as a coach, and became a personal mentee of his.

Certification day.

I then took all of that, continued to spend massive amounts of time, energy, and money diving deep into the field, and applied it to myself and the lives of my first clients.

However, there was still one missing link: true health.

It’s not that I didn’t know the traditional ideas surrounding health.

It just didn’t work. I was working hard, and motivated, but I still had many other problems such as a massive mid-day crash, I slept inconsistently, I felt tired more often than I would have liked, and although willpower was high, my energy would be depleted by the time it was noon. 

I started questioning the conventional wisdom surrounding health, diving deep into the health optimization and biohacking rabbit hole. I discovered that most mainstream advice, while a step in the right direction, is often counterproductive.

Three foundations of performance became evident:

  1. The trifecta. You can’t just optimize performance in one domain. You need to have your biology, psychology, and physiology synchronized, all elevating one another.
  2. Personalization. What’s transformative for one person might not be for another. True health and performance optimization is tailored, through n=1 experimentation.
  3. Holism. Our systems are complex and intertwined. Any solution aimed at fixing one area misses the point. Health is built from the ground up, addressing root problems.

Today, I use these principles to guide not just my own health journey but that of dozens of others. It's not just about muscle, health, or mindset, but the intricate dance of all these elements working together. With the knowledge and experience I've gained and the mentorship of those who've paved the way, I’m committed to helping others push towards their optimal selves, too. Because everyone should be able to live life at their highest potential.